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Gather details, revolutionize lives.
If your home may feel and think independently:
It lights up your life whenever you need. When you're home, when the sun rises, when you pass by in a dimly-lit room, when you're awake, it always gives lights automatically.
You become reliant on smart home insensibly. When it changes your home a little smarter, it also changes your life a lot better.
With the passion and creativity of our designers and engineers, Terncy creates cutting-edge smart products merging modern technology and aesthetic design together to enrich people's lives based on our own strategic vision of smart home and the future.
About Xiaoyan Tech.
Shanghai Xiaoyan Tech is a startup established in 2015. Xiaoyan committed to revolutionize the interactive mode between people and their home with smart products.
The founding team includes former technical experts of Honeywell, Rohm Semiconductor, Microsoft, VMware, etc. In the process of designing and manufacturing smart products, many patents were obtained in a short period of time.
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